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Toni-Lee Sangastiano's Olive Groves

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Our sincere thanks to Toni-Lee Sangastiano, Ph.D, a highly talented artist and assistant professor in Georgetown University's visual arts program, for donating four pieces of her art to the CISC, Inc. Robert A. Facchina Italian American Museum of Washington DC (IAMDC). A descendent of immigrants from Campobasso, Italy, she studied classical art in Florence. Her works, including the watercolor "Olive Groves," (Spanacchia Castle, 2013), will be included in an exhibition to promote local Italian and Italian American artists in our upcoming gallery. The pieces join other works of art already donated by local Italian and Italian American artists, sculptors, ceramicists and designers to the museum.

We invite local artists to submit a photo or two of the work they would like to donate, along with a brief description, dimensions and two-line bio. The museum's art team will determine whether it meets the gallery's curatorial mission. Please send info to: CISC Board Member Liz DiGregorio at (FI)

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